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Refreshment Sign-Up is now OPEN

OVCC Fellowship

July to December 2019 Sunday refreshments/cleanup

Hi Everyone,

It's that time again to sign up for refreshments and cleanup for our Sunday fellowship hour. To simplify our refreshments sign-ups, we are asking for only one family to sign up each Sunday. You have the option to bring simple snacks (e.g., 3 dozen bagels (slice in half), 10 dozen cookies, or 3 dozen muffins (large size quartered or approximately 100-120 pieces) and 1-64 oz bottle of juice) or bring "potluck style" treats to share your baking/cooking expertise.

Due to several children having severe allergic reactions to nuts, we request that the refreshments that you bring do not include nuts or please identify (via a sign) if the products you bring have nuts in them or are produced with equipment in contact with nuts (it's usually marked on the package). Thanks for being extra alert to this situation.

We are also asking families that sign up to bring refreshments to clean up that day, too. Cleanup will start at 11:15am and should be finished by 11:30am. Just a reminder that simple snacks are food that can be served with a napkin only (i.e. no plates or forks needed) which will save on clean up time and effort. When cleaning up, please look around the playground area for any trash or leftover snack items. If you need help with the clean up, please let someone on the Hospitality committee know, and we will gladly help out.

If you discover that you are unable to bring refreshments on the assigned day, please feel free to trade dates with someone else.  The schedule will also be available online at the following link:

For those bringing refreshments, please turn in an expense report (found at the link located above) on your expenditures for the refreshments…you can indicate that it is a donation or be reimbursed on the form. The expense report needs to be filled out within 60 days of the expense. Please give the expense report to Minnie Gee along with the receipts attached. We are trying to forecast our expenditures for the future based on present expenditures.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


OVCC Hospitality Committee

To sign up, click HERE

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